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Matex redefines your relationship with energy. Save money. Minimize your carbon footprint. Take control of your power costs today!



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Home Automation Services, Industrial Automation services, Commercial Automation Services.

Did you know that, just by adding a few home automation devices your family can feel safer and in control.

Net-metering Services

Net metering allows residential and commercial customers who generate their own electricity from solar power

Security surveillance​

Surveillance systems are an essential part of securing your home or business. These systems can range from wireless home security cameras​

Industrial, commercial, residential Solar PV Energy Solutions.

We have expertise to tailor a system to meet your energy-saving objectives and will provide a full turnkey service for your large-scale PV installation.

Residential, Commercial Electrical Solutions.

A comprehensive coverage on every aspect of design, installation, testing and commissioning of electrical systems for residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Electrical, Electronics Consultancy Services.

Matex Enterrises. is a consulting company in the field of power electronics and electric drives.

Gen-Sets Installation & Maintenance Services

We are providing premium Gen-Sets Installation & Maintenance Services